Dr. Sandi Williams

The short story is that Dr. Sandi has never worked for anyone her entire career over 35 years. That’s right, NEVER punched a clock. She has owned 4 companies, the first company’s annual income was $998,995.50 (2 dollars short of $1,000,000) in 2 years. Her current business has a division in the United States and Africa.

Dr. Sandi is consultant to companies in various disciplines resulting with them raising millions of dollars. She has read every classic personal development book ever written…. learned and applied the principles.

The best thing that ever happened to her was when she found a mentor who taught her what he knew – disciplines, routines and strategies and HOW TO MASTER TIME. Dr. Sandi followed and so did her SUCCESS. She has a Ph.D. in Psychology with honors (studied, researched and documented how people succeed when they “Get it,” TIME IS YOUR MOST VALUABLE RESOURCE).

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